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How you can support yourself

It is important that you take care of yourself following a bereavement.

One of the most helpful things is to talk about the person who has died and your relationship with them. Who you talk to will depend on you. It may be your family, friends, a faith/spiritual adviser, your GP or a support organisation.

Seek support for yourself if you need it.


  • Talk to other people about the person who has died, about your memories and your feelings
  • Look after yourself, eat properly and try to get enough rest (even if you can’t sleep)
  • Give yourself time and permission to grieve
  • Seek help and support if you feel you need it
  • Tell people what you need


  • Isolate yourself
  • Keep your emotions bottled up
  • Think you are weak for needing help
  • Feel guilty if you are struggling
  • Turn to drugs or alcohol - the relief will only be temporary

Give us a call...

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