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The perfect one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to recycle for the Charity.

While we're taking the time to go through things; re-arranging that cupboard or draw we've been meaning to while quarantined, if you happen to find the following hidden in a dark corner, save it up for recycling. All proceeds help us continue to support our Civil Service community.

  • Unwanted or broken jewellery
  • Broken watches, odd earrings and junk jewellery
  • Old/new foreign banknotes and coins - use this for small collections but for larger collections click here
  • Gadgets such as sat navs, games consoles and games, tablets, old digital or film cameras and iPods/MP3 players
  • Mobile phones
  • Even stamps!

If interested, let us know and we’ll send you additional information to get you started.

Just think of the value your unwanted junk might hold for the Charity and how it can support those who need it most.

What to do:

Self pack:

Jewellery and watches (even damaged or broken) or any foreign / UK banknotes (including out of circulation) pop them into an envelope (no bigger than A5) and print and attach the label. Remember to write The Charity for Civil Servants on the dotted line of the label before posting.

Bag it up:

With a large number of items from the list above that weigh in total between 10 to 30kg, request a sack (free of charge) from the Charity.

Save it:

Collect items together and save them. Once lockdown is over and we have returned to work, organise a collection box to be sent to the office. 

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