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For many of us, the global pandemic has led to financial uncertainty. This was the case for William when his entire family had to isolate together under one roof.

William’s elderly parents had come to visit just before the pandemic took effect in the UK last year. With their own home far away from their son’s, and with the uncertainty of what lay ahead, they decided to stay together at William’s house. Although this was the best decision for the family, William felt under pressure to support his growing household.

“In a short amount of time, I was suddenly working from home, looking after my parents and home-schooling my two young children. In the midst of all of this chaos, I changed jobs and struggled to keep up with my debts as I continued to support my family. I felt so overwhelmed and stressed, but too ashamed to ask for help.”

As William tried to put on a brave face in his new role, he came across the Charity on the MoJ intranet. He discovered our range of services and took the first step to financial recovery by giving us a call. 

“When I read the stories of how the Charity had helped other civil servants, I felt more comfortable about getting in touch. I felt my confidence come back as soon as I picked up the phone. Especially with the reassurance that it’s completely confidential.”

We gave William the space to share his story in his own words. We listened, understood and tailored our services to suit William’s particular needs. This included a supportive conversation, money advice and a small financial grant to help him get back on his feet.

“I needed someone to look at my financial situation from a completely different perspective. The Charity had the expertise to help me address my issues and guide me. I had direction for the first time in a long time.”

William is still juggling his work and family responsibilities in one tight space. Nevertheless, he recently told us that he’s in a much happier place, both financially and emotionally, thanks to the support he received from the Charity. 

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