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Three years ago, Tracy’s husband had a major stroke. As the family did their best to adapt to this life-changing event, Tracy reached out to us for help. In her thank you letter below; she explains what the Charity’s support meant to her at the time.

I started donating to this Charity when I joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service over 30 years ago, but I never thought over the years that I would ever need your help.

This all changed in January 2018 when my husband had a major stroke. Our house, that we had raised our kids in was no longer suitable, as he was unable to go upstairs due to paralysis down the right-hand side of his body. What people don't realise is that after something as life changing as this, you just want some normality back for the family.

This is where our rehabilitation journey began. We were turned down for financial help through the Disability Facilities Grant and I thought we would have to move house. It was essential for my husband's recovery that he should remain in the home we have lived in all our married life. His life had already changed so much.

My colleague suggested reaching out to you and I was amazed by your support and generosity. From the moment I contacted you, I was supported through the whole procedure by a lovely person.

You have helped us pay for the house adaptations which have allowed us to stay in our home. You are a fantastic charity – and I can't thank you enough.

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