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When Thea split up with her long-term partner, she had to move out of her family home with her son. With hardly any possessions to her name and a young child to look after, she needed our help. In her thank you letter below, she explains what the support meant to her during a very difficult time.

Dear Team,

When I split up with my partner, I left with nothing. He owned the house we lived in, so I had to make a fresh start on my own with our son. People say not to put all your eggs in one basket, and that’s exactly what I did in a long-term relationship.

At the same time, my car broke down and I had to get a loan to fix it. So, when I first got in touch with you, I initially wanted to ask for money advice. I’d never been in that situation before. I didn’t want people to pay for my debt because it was debt I incurred. I wanted to sort it out myself. It was simply about understanding what my options were and feeling supported and that’s exactly how you made me feel. You helped me at a time when I needed it most.

After the money advice, you said that you could pay towards white goods in my new flat. I had little more than the clothes in my suitcase at that point, so it had a hugely positive impact on my quality of life. I could finally cook a hearty meal for my little boy. We celebrated with a roast chicken dinner (and my boy’s favourite Yorkshire puddings!)

I’m quite a proud, independent person and I feel like I’m the one people always come to for help. But for once, someone was there to help me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best Wishes,

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