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When Sandra slipped a disc in her spine earlier this year, she was in agony. Unable to sleep or move with ease, she slowly became mentally and physically exhausted.

The incident happened just by kneeling down to do some gardening. As Sandra stood up again, she felt a sharp pain in her back and immediately knew she had seriously hurt herself. After suffering from arthritis for years, Sandra was now facing another medical problem, which caused severe physical disability. To make matters worse, she had only just moved house and needed to unpack and decorate her new home. Months of physiotherapy eventually helped her regain her strength but she was still only managing to sleep a couple of hours a night from the pain.

“I couldn’t sleep in my bed anymore because it was too uncomfortable. I tried to sleep on the floor or sofa instead but I was still only getting a couple of hours sleep at night. It was so hard to keep up at work because I felt so drained.”

Her physiotherapist recommended buying a new bed and mattress to help her feel more comfortable at night but Sandra had recently spent all of her savings on moving house. Feeling sleep deprived and trapped, Sandra could no longer hide her feelings at work.

“I’ve worked in the Civil Service for over 20 years and have always donated to the Charity. I’ve always felt supported by my team. When my manager saw how upset I was, she recommended getting in touch to see if they could help. I’m so glad I took her advice”

Sandra took the first step and gave us a call. After discussing the matter in detail, we found that we were able to pay towards the bed and mattress Sandra so desperately needed to get a good night’s sleep.

“I was so happy after that first phone call. I felt like I was always the one to help other people and for once, someone wanted to help me. I was humbled by the whole process.”

A healthy sleeping pattern has made a huge difference to Sandra’s quality of life. When we recently got back in touch, we were pleased to hear how well she was doing.

“I feel like I have so much more energy now and it’s all thanks to the Charity. I’ve always been independent and they helped me find that part of me again.”

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