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Robert, MoD

Robert couldn’t remember a time where he wasn’t struggling with debt and depression. In his recent interview with our team, he described how the Charity had been his light in a life of darkness.

Robert worked for the Ministry of Defence for 15 years. Within this timeframe, he made a valuable contribution to one of our key departments and gained considerable experience in his line of work. When he initially joined the Civil Service, he could not have foreseen the dramatic chain of events he would face as his career progressed. Robert had always suffered with depression amongst other mental health problems and did his best to cope with his conditions whilst juggling a full time job. As the time passed however, his health gradually deteriorated and he knew something needed to change.

“I was on sick leave for a very long time and eventually took early medical retirement. My problems with debt and depression nosedived quite dramatically after that.”

The following few years were very stressful for Robert. As he took out further loans to pay off debt, he consequently fell into further debt, which worsened his depression. Luckily, he remembered the Charity.

“I’d been making monthly donations to the Charity since my earliest days in the MoD. Someone from the Charity visited my office a long time ago and after hearing him outline their work, I wanted to help in anyway I could.”

Robert gave us a call and told us about his troubling situation and concerns for the future. He was initially offered mental health support but already felt like he was receiving the right treatment for this on the NHS. After ensuring he was doing all he could to improve his mental wellbeing, the conversation moved onto his finances.

“I have a chaotic way of handling emotional and stressful problems. Indeed, I was taking out debt to pay off debt. When I analysed my financial situation with someone from the Charity, I could finally see a way forward. They gave me some assurance that it wasn’t mission impossible.”

In addition to money advice, we were also able to provide financial support to help instigate his financial recovery. Although he still has a long road ahead of him, Robert wanted to share his story. He hopes it will help other serving or retired civil servants who may be silently struggling with similar issues.

“What I admire most about the Charity, is that they are prepared to help civil servants even when they’re retired. It is how any caring organisation should work. Indeed, it is a microcosm of how a compassionate society should work. Thank you. It means a lot.“

Robert also wishes to place on record his appreciation of other debt charities who have been very supportive during his time of need.

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