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Robbie, Department for Transport

Robbie has suffered from anxiety his whole life, most commonly in social situations.

He has also had bouts of depression but because these conditions run in his family he felt the best way to deal with it was to simply carry on and try to ignore his feelings.

However, when his twin sister died Robbie’s internal struggles got so bad he had a breakdown.

“I coped with it by myself for most of my life. I just kind of ignored it. That one incidence brought it right up to the surface.”

Whilst he was dealing with the sadness at the loss of his sister, Robbie made a couple of decisions that made his situation even worse including taking on more responsibility at work within the Department for Transport. Things got on top of him and he felt like there was no way out.

Despite making monthly donations to the Charity he hadn’t thought to get in touch until his line manager suggested making contact.

Robbie had a supportive conversation with us on the phone that gave him the opportunity to talk through his problems. Following on from that phone call the Charity sent Robbie information on bereavement organisations and suggested that assistance from Anxiety UK might be a useful source of support. He went on to have 18 sessions of hypnotherapy treatment, which, he says helped him a great deal on his road to rebuilding his life.

“It was such a turning point for me because they were able to offer the help I needed and I am sure that I wouldn’t be in the position that I am now if I hadn’t approached them.”

Robbie has now left the Civil Service and is in a much happier place. He has a new job as a dog walker and enjoys the animals’ company as well as the positive effects of the exercise.

“I decided to become a dog walker because dogs are just so much more fun to be around, they are always happy to see you, not really expecting anything of you, as long as you take them out for a nice walk they are happy, throwing a ball. I do feel more positive now after I’ve finished the dog walking than when I was just sitting in an office and going home afterwards."

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