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Rob, HMRC, and his wife Ann, whom he cares for

Rob and his wife Ann have been happily married for over 38 years. When Ann was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) 20 years ago, their lives changed forever.

Before her diagnosis, Ann had an incredibly busy schedule. She was a full time primary school teacher, a children’s Sunday school leader and she played a big role in running school shows, sports competitions and summer fetes.

Keen to help others in whichever way she could, she became exhausted with her work overload. On one particularly busy summer, Ann unfortunately contracted a virus and never fully recovered. As time went on, she was diagnosed with ME.

Rob has worked as an Assurance Officer for HMRC for more than 40 years. Within this time frame, he has seen the Civil Service department undergo many changes. One of which was the movement of staff members from local offices to regional centres.

It was during these discussions that he discovered the Charity. His manager suggested finding out about our Carer’s Passport as he knew Rob wanted to support his wife in the best way possible.

The Passport is a document we can provide to carers and their line managers which highlights how the individual's responsibilities impact their work. This saves the carer having to explain their personal situation in intricate detail within every new professional relationship. It also includes any agreements on issues such as compressed hours and working from home.

Due to the nature of his job, Rob has always worked from home where he is able to care for Ann. This document however, gave Rob extra security should he ever need to change his role within HMRC.

“People change job roles all the time in my department and I could face new working hours and managers at any point. The Carer's Passport gives me peace of mind because I now know my caring responsibilities are protected – whatever happens at work.”

Ann has been feeling a little better over the past few months and the couple intend to take a well-deserved break together in the near future.

Although we no longer offer the Carer's Passport, we can still help you complete your Civil Service Carer's Passport. By using our Carer's Passport and Carer's Statement Digital Tool, you'll be able to reflect on your caring responsibilities before you have a conversation with your manager and complete your Civil Service Workplace Carer's Passport. The tool also provides holistic information, support and services for outside the workplace including our Carer's Statement.

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