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Raymond, Department of Communities

When Raymond’s marriage broke down he moved out of his family home. With very few possessions to his name and no plans in place, he felt anxious about the future.

“When I left home, I had £30 in my pocket and a change of clothes in my rucksack. I was down to my bare bones. I was in despair.”

The most painful separation however, was leaving his two young daughters behind. Raymond had always been very close to both of his children and never thought he would be in a position he now found himself in. When he said goodbye, he knew that he would do everything in his power to still be a big part of their lives. For the first four months of his separation, Raymond stayed with good friends nearby.

“It was very kind of my friends to put me up, but I needed a place of my own. I needed a home where my kids could stay – but I couldn’t afford the deposit and first month’s rent. I was stuck.”

That’s when we stepped in. Raymond’s colleague recommended getting in touch with the Charity to see what support was available. After a supportive conversation with our team, we found that we were able to pay towards the deposit and first month’s rent of a new property. This allowed Raymond to finally make a fresh start and most importantly, it allowed a father to reunite with his daughters.

“My girls really like the new place and I get to see them three nights a week now. Things are going really well for me. I know that if I hadn’t contacted the Charity when I did, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today.”

Raymond has gone from strength to strength since we last spoke to him and feels that the Charity has helped him grow in confidence.

“I applied for a promotion at work recently. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the Charity’s help. I can finally move forward with my life and it’s thanks to their fantastic service to our community.”

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