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Many years ago, Penny found herself unexpectedly pregnant. A relationship breakdown with the father meant that she would do everything in her power to be all that the baby needed.

Penny prepared as best she could, but still felt anxious about her financial situation. Mounting debt and low income meant that she couldn’t afford to buy food for herself or basic items for her baby.

As a civil servant, Penny soon discovered that she had a lifelong community behind her every step of the way. When she reached out for help, we were there to listen, empathise and provide tailored, independent support to help Penny feel confident about her next steps.

“Expecting a baby and struggling financially like I did… it was a really fraught time in my life. I spoke to someone from the Charity about my situation and when they said they could provide financial support; it was an immense relief. It made all the difference.”

With the essential items she needed for herself and the baby, Penny could finally enjoy becoming a mum with one less worry on her plate.

We also supported Penny when she became a carer for both of her elderly parents. With her mum’s diagnoses of dementia and her dad’s health rapidly deteriorating, we were able to provide financial and emotional support to help Penny balance her heavy responsibilities.

“Everyone needs help at some point in their life and that’s why it’s so good to have a charity like this. If you’re struggling with something, don’t hesitate about reaching out for help… just go for it…

...They’re worth supporting because it’s not just for yourself, it’s for everyone in your community.”

Penny is now a regular donor as she finds herself in a happier place in life. In addition to supporting the Charity, she hopes that her story will remind those facing difficulties that they’re not alone.

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