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Paula with her sister drinking cups of tea

Paula, Tracey and Jimmy were inseparable growing up. A troubled childhood united the three siblings, making them feel like they could face anything together.

That was the case before a tragic event unfolded for the family earlier this year. Jimmy sadly died of a bronchopneumonia, after struggling with a range of physical and mental health problems for over a decade. Throughout this time, Jimmy’s two sisters had acted as a strong support network, ensuring their brother received the medical assistance he so desperately needed. When it came to his mental health issues, he knew that he could count on his two sisters to be there for him.

“We were very close and always there for each other. It was a terrible time for the whole family when Jimmy died. He was so loved.”

To make matters worse, Paula and Tracey could not afford to pay for Jimmy’s funeral. Paula had always felt like the rock for both her siblings and therefore felt particularly pressured to give their brother the funeral he deserved. When Paula’s manager saw how upset she was at work, she recommended getting in touch with the Charity to see if there was anything, we could do to help.

“I’ve worked at DWP for a really long time and have always felt supported by my boss. That’s why I followed her recommendation and gave the Charity a call. I couldn’t believe how helpful they were.”

After explaining her personal situation to our in-house experts on the phone, we found that we were able to provide Paula with the financial support that meant so much to her and her sister. After giving Jimmy a great send off, they were finally able to grieve without the worry of debt hanging over their heads.

“I want to say a big thank you to the Charity for helping me and my sister through such a difficult time. Dealing with financial difficulty when you’re grieving is awful and the Charity helped us get through it. It means a lot to us.”

When we got back in touch with Paula, she had exciting news. She told us that her son is going to become a father for the first time this Christmas, which has lifted the family's spirits after losing someone so special.

“My son looked up at Jimmy like a father. When Jimmy died, it really hit him hard. That’s why this baby is extra special. We have another way to remember our brother now.”

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