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When Markus and his wife were made redundant within the same month, they felt like their world had fallen apart.

Before redundancy, Markus and Victoria both enjoyed their full time jobs within the Civil Service and never let anything hold them back. On top of a full time job, Victoria acted as her husband’s main carer and juggled a range of responsibilities in the space of one day. In addition to being deaf, Markus has a muscular wastage medical condition which causes severe immobility, consequently meaning that he needs support on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of this, the couple live life to the full and lift each other’s spirits in the darkest of days. However, they found it particularly tricky to see the bright side; when they thought they would have to leave the place they had called home for the past twenty years.

“Our redundancy packages paid for our outgoings for a while but it wasn't long before we were in mortgage arrears. We were beside ourselves with worry. We felt like no one was interested in helping us. Things got so bad, I ended up feeling suicidal.”

To make matters worse, their grandchildren were living with them at the time, making the prospect of homelessness even more frightening. Markus did his best to find a new job but felt like he was being discriminated against.

“I felt like my complex disabilities made it harder to find future employment. I told a good friend that I'd started falling apart and needed help.”

Luckily, Markus’s friend wasn’t the only one listening. When he went to the local jobcentre and explained how he was an ex-civil servant, he was signposted our way immediately. After a detailed conversation with us about his financial difficulties, we found that we were able to pay off his remaining mortgage arrears, saving the family from eviction.

“The help from the Charity has had a huge impact on our family. We went from despair to a huge sigh of relief. Just knowing that there was someone out there willing to listen made all the difference. We cannot thank you enough.”

When we got back in touch with Markus, he told us how things are much better now. He recently took the decision to take his Civil Service pension and Victoria has found a new job working within Mental Health for the NHS.

“I would definitely recommend the Charity to all serving and retired civil servants. Don't wait until things get really bad. Contact them straight away and talk over your problems, they're there to help.”

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