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Katherine felt like her life was falling apart as she hid her financial problems from her family and friends. Now in a much happier place, she wants to encourage others to face their problems head on.

At the beginning of the year, Katherine approached us for help. Starting off with a small amount of debt, the financial hit of a divorce, house repairs and general living expenses resulted in a serious situation that urgently needed to be addressed.

“I was completely in denial about my debt at first. My family didn’t know about it; it was my heavy secret for over ten years. I thought I would be living comfortably at my age and it just wasn’t the case. I felt like it all hit me in December last year. I felt isolated, ashamed... I was in a really bad place.”

Katherine eventually plucked up the courage to ask for help. After a reassuring phone call with a member of our team, we signposted Katherine to one of our financial experts who offered clear money advice based on her personal situation. As they went through the next steps together, Katherine slowly felt more in control.

“The person from the Charity helped me through all the details and believe me, it wasn’t easy, there were a lot of tears. I can’t praise him enough for all the support, patience, empathy and kindness he showed me. It was, and continues to be, a life changing experience for me.”

We also signposted Katherine to one of our partner charitable organisations, StepChange, and were able to provide a small grant to help kick-start her financial recovery.

“Last Christmas was really hard for me. I felt like everything hit me at once and I couldn’t see a way out. But I know this year is going to be different and that’s down to the Charity. I’m a much happier person because of the support and kindness they showed me.

“The whole experience felt more like therapy than anything else. My debt is now under control and I feel like a different person. It’s a long road to be completely debt free but it’s a bright road and I’m not struggling to walk it anymore.”

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