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For the majority of her life, Kate didn’t think she would ever need to contact a charity for help. As a hardworking mum of two, she wanted to do things for herself.

That was before life completely changed for her three years ago. A marriage breakdown left her juggling a job and raising her two young children on her own. Already feeling overwhelmed with her situation, she was then faced with finding a new place to live as her landlady was selling her rented property.

“I suddenly had to pay for lawyers, a house move, new furniture, everything. My colleague told me about the Charity but I wasn’t sure if they would be able to help me. But they did. The guy I spoke to on the phone was absolutely brilliant.”

As Kate talked to a member of our team about her worries, we were able to give her some peace of mind. Together, they went through Kate’s financial situation step by step and navigated the best path forward for her as a single mother. In addition to money advice and financial support, we paid towards white goods for her new unfurnished home to help her make the fresh start she deserved.

“I’ve been given money advice from other people, but this guy was different. He seemed like he really cared. He treated me like a person instead of a number.”

Kate is now flourishing in both her personal and work life. Although she has a lot on her plate, she is determined to create a better life for herself and her children. As a charity, we are glad to have been able to support her on her journey and proud to call her a member of our lifelong community.

“I’ve been donating to the Charity every month since they helped me. They were so understanding about what I needed at the time and I couldn’t have done it all without their help. Thank you.”

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