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Julie’s daughter started having therapy at the vulnerable age of twelve. What she revealed to her counsellor was every Mother’s worst nightmare.

Julie encouraged her daughter to speak to a therapist after she noticed a drastic change in her behaviour. Charlotte had developed severe anxiety which caused her to become distant and even self-harm. It eventually reached a point where she could no longer attend school because of her poor mental health. The conclusion of her first few sessions left her family traumatised.

“My daughter revealed that she had been sexually abused by a family friend for over three years. We were completely devastated.”

Although Charlotte had taken the first big step by confiding to her counsellor, her road to recovery was a long one. Julie understandably wanted to take time off work and support her daughter in any way she could.

“I immediately spoke to my boss about having time off work but I had no annual leave or special leave left. My only option was to take unpaid leave and with four children to care for, things became really tough.”

Despite the financial problems it would cause, Julie went on unpaid leave and did everything she could to help Charlotte reclaim her childhood. Over time, Charlotte’s mental health continued to improve as she spoke about her feelings and learnt coping mechanisms. She was almost ready to go back to school. By this point however, Julie was in a dire financial situation.

“My daughter gained weight due to the sleeping tablets and anti-depressants. We could barely afford to feed the family, let alone buy the new school uniform she now needed. That’s when I remembered the Charity.”

Julie knew about the Charity through a colleague at work. She decided to reach out to us and we were immediately able to give her some peace of mind. After a supportive conversation, we found that we were able to provide financial help during this particularly difficult time. Julie was then able to buy the school uniform and even treat her daughter in the hope of lifting her spirits.

“It was amazing to see my daughter smile for the first time in three years. You have given her at least one good memory from this horrible year and allowed her to have one day where she can forget about everything else. Thank you.”

Julie was also offered money advice and mental wellbeing services, which she intends to look into later on this year. With Charlotte settled back in at school, Julie has also returned to work, knowing that we are always on the other end of the phone.

“I cannot thank you enough for the generosity and kindness you have shown to me and my family. You helped my daughter grow in confidence and you helped me provide for her at a time when I was unable to do so.” 

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