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John, MoJ

John was in a very dark place when he first got in touch with the Charity. One year on he explains how that first phone call initiated his road to recovery.

Life-changing events such as new employment and new relationships can have a huge impact on our lives. Even the most positive changes can come with their own unique set of problems which can seem impossible to solve. One person who has admirably faced their own challenges head on is John.

He had struggled with depression from a young age and felt like this had a direct impact on his ability to cope with new environments as an adult. Although he did his best to cope, he was secretly suppressing continuous feelings of self-doubt and isolation from the outside world.

As John tried to mask his feelings, he successfully built a career within the Civil Service. He joined the Ministry of Justice after graduating from university and flourished within his area of work. When he was suddenly transitioned into a different area with greater responsibilities however, he struggled to control his depressive thoughts and high anxiety levels. To add to his stressful situation, John suddenly found himself going through financial difficulties.

One of his colleagues recommended getting in touch with the Charity which led John to take the first big step of reaching out for help. We initially offered John money advice to help him get back on his feet.

"The person I spoke to on the phone was incredibly empathetic and understanding. They provided me with simple, straightforward advice as to how I could overcome my immediate financial difficulties and better manage my money from that point onwards."

As our supportive conversations on the phone with John continued, he started to open up about his mental health issues. Once we had a thorough understanding of what he needed, we were then able to pay for John to have therapy sessions through one of our partner organisations, Anxiety UK. This allowed John to address his issues in a thorough and constructive way.

"The therapy has been a godsend really. I think I’ve come out the other end as an entirely different person. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity had I not contacted the Charity and been supported through the process by their kind and compassionate advisers."

Feeling inspired by the whole process, John now wants to help other people going through similar situations. He is now a Wellbeing Champion within his own department and hopes to encourage his colleagues to open up about this important subject matter. He is a leading example of how taking the first step can make all the difference.

Listen to how John is now using his experiences to support others.

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