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Jenny has donated to The Charity for Civil Servants for many years. Experiencing domestic abuse first hand has inspired her to do everything she can to help others across her Civil Service community.

Jenny wanted to leave her volatile family home with her child but couldn’t afford to move house. That’s when she decided to give us a call.

“I felt trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship for eight years and my mental health deteriorated rapidly over that time. My mum was a retired civil servant and suggested getting in touch with the Charity, so I reached out for help.”

The Charity for Civil Servants listens and tailors support to suit individual needs. Following a supportive conversation with our Help and Advice team, we were able to pay towards the first month’s rent and deposit of a new home for Jenny and her son. We also paid towards white goods such as a fridge freezer and washing machine, which helped Jenny and her son to feel safe and comfortable as they embraced their new life.

“I wept with joy when the person on the phone said they could help me. The Charity  helped me get out of the worst situation I could ever face. I feel like a different person now; I feel so confident. If you find yourself struggling to cope, know that there is hope when you contact The Charity for Civil Servants.”

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For confidential support and advice call 0800 056 2424 Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm