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Jeffrey and his wife Kay

Shortly after his diagnosis of prostate cancer, Jeffrey suffered his fourth heart attack and was subsequently hospitalised.

Regardless of the support he had from his wife Kay and young son, Jeffrey still had worries on his mind. Kay was not short of health problems herself, and suffered from Fibromyalgia which caused constant pain all over her body.

The couple understandably wanted to move out of their two storey house and into a bungalow which better suited their ongoing health problems. Unfortunately, rent arrears had built up whilst Jeffrey was in hospital which put a halt to their dream of finding a more suitable home.

“It was a very stressful time in my life. We couldn’t afford to move house and we both found it very difficult to keep going up and down the stairs. I was feeling very depressed before I got in contact with the Charity.”

Feeling worried about the future, Jeffrey gave us a call and told us his story. We were then able to pay towards their outstanding rent arrears which meant the family could finally move forward with their plans. They were now free to look for the bungalow they had been hoping for.

“The help has made a lot of difference. We didn’t know how we would find the money for it, so it’s taken a weight off our shoulders.”

We are still in contact with the family and look forward to hearing about their new home once they find the perfect fit. Jeffrey is also making great progress with his ongoing battle against cancer and is feeling more like himself with each passing day. So much so, that he was recently able to attend a special ceremony near Buckingham Palace where he met the Queen.

Jeffrey’s impressive career started in the military before moving into the Ministry of Defence. Even though he is now retired, he is still a lifelong member of both the King’s Royal Troop Horse Artillery and the Civil Service Lifelong Community. We support both serving and former civil servants and were happy to help Jeffrey in his time of need.

“If you have a problem, then get it sorted. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need help when you actually do. I found that out myself. Now thanks to the Charity we can start looking for our new home. Thank you so much.”

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