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Jake was left heartbroken and shocked when one of his closest friends took his own life. Searching for answers, he felt like his own life was spiralling out of control.

Grief can affect us all in different ways. As Jake tried to come to terms with the loss of his friend, he lost connection with his own life, plummeting into a deep depression, suicidal thoughts and financial problems. In addition to this, his father’s health had rapidly deteriorated in just a few months. With a full-time job and now travelling over 50 miles to care for his father on a regular basis, he felt like he had reached breaking point.

Jake came across The Charity for Civil Servants online and decided to reach out for help. By this point, he had already taken steps through the NHS to improve his wellbeing but wondered if the Charity could help with some of the root causes of his anxiety – his building debt and caring responsibilities for his dad.

Following a supportive conversation, we took a holistic approach to Jake’s situation. Initially, we found that we were able to provide a small financial grant, helping kick-start his financial recovery. We also introduced Jake to our Carers’ Digital Resource, a digital package full of useful information for carers across the Civil Service. For Jake, we tailored his support by signposting him to the Carer’s Passport and Care Needs Assessment, which helped him provide respite for his mum whilst caring for his dad. Additionally, we recommended our wellbeing services and one of our partner organisations Turn2Us in case Jake wanted additional support to the therapy he was already receiving.

“I want other people to know how helpful and non-judgemental this brilliant Charity is. I felt relaxed on the phone as they assessed my needs, I can’t praise them enough.”

Jake recently got back in touch with us to say thank you. He hopes that sharing his experience will encourage others to reach out for help if in need.

“Once I’m debt-free, I intend to become a regular donor to this Charity. I want to help other people who have gone through similar situations to me. To anyone who can relate to my story and feels unsure of what to do next, just ask for help.”

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