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When Daniel was told he had only a few days to live, he wanted to spend every lasting moment with his family.

Daniel and Hannah planned to make a million memories together as they watched their two children grow up. But when Daniel was diagnosed with heart failure, they felt like their lifelong plans had disappeared within the space of a day. One year on, Hannah tells us her story; and wants to help others who may be struggling to cope with the heartbreak of losing someone they loved.

“When he started feeling unwell, I thought it was going to be something manageable, bless him. But it turned out to be something serious and we had to call an ambulance. We decided to get married by his bedside in hospital and he passed away the next morning. It was awful.”

Instead of having the space to deal with her grief, she had to deal with the financial strain that can come with losing a partner so suddenly. With a funeral to pay for and two kids to raise as a single parent, she found herself rapidly falling into debt. It was at this point that we stepped in. In his younger days, Daniel had worked for the Ministry of Defence. As a spouse of a former civil servant, Hannah was eligible for help and gave us a call. That’s when she made the decision to reach out for help and call the Charity.

“I was going through his paperwork one night and found a leaflet about the Charity. I never considered asking for help before, but our circumstances were really bad at the time.”

Hannah made the decision to call our team and see if there was anything we could do. After discussing her situation in detail, we found that we were able to relieve some of the financial strain she was under so that she could focus on the wellbeing of herself and her children.

“The support from the Charity meant I could afford to pay for Daniel’s funeral. It also helped me feed my kids and pay for normal things each day. It was a huge weight off my mind.”

As they take one day at a time, Hannah now knows that she is part of a lifelong community who will always be there for her.

“The money came through early December and it was the first Christmas without him. It made a huge difference. Thank you.”

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