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When Frank talks about his experience with the Charity, he describes it as a turning point in his life. Struggling to cope with severe mental health issues and debt as a family, he was relieved to finally hear the words “we can help”.

Frank and Hannah have faced many challenges as a couple over the years. As someone who struggles with severe mental health issues, Hannah has always found solace in her family and work. Although they have acted as pillars throughout her life, she has sometimes found it hard to cope.

“Things really deteriorated when Hannah was signed off work by her GP. Soon after that, her son from a previous relationship decided to move in with his Dad and that was really hard for her. On top of all of that, we couldn’t afford the bills on my salary alone. I didn’t know what to do.”

As Frank continued to go to work in an attempt to keep them afloat, things escalated for Hannah. On a terrible day for the family just before Christmas, she tried to take her own life.

“I came home and found her collapsed on the kitchen floor. Luckily we managed to save her. Seeing the one you love like that is so hard, it broke my heart.”

After a short time in hospital, Hannah returned home with daily visits from her crisis team who helped her get back on her feet one step at a time. As Frank tried to focus on her mental wellbeing, he still felt the mounting debt hanging over his head, adding to his high levels of anxiety. That’s when he was signposted to us.

“My manager recommended getting in touch with the Charity. Asking for financial help like that didn’t sit well with me but he reminded me that everyone gets themselves in difficult situations. These people are there to help. If we could say there was a turning point in our lives, that was the moment.”

When Frank gave us a call, we listened. We were able to offer money advice and financial support to relieve some of the pressure his family were under.

“The person on the phone was really kind. They explained everything and let me take my time. He convinced me that I deserved the support and kept saying – you’re part of the Civil Service so you’re part of our community. The support gave us the ability to get through the month without borrowing anything else from friends and family. The whole experience was fantastic.”

When we recently got back in touch with Frank, he told us about how well Hannah was doing and how her confidence was growing by the day. Now in a better situation financially, they can focus on each other without debt hanging over their heads.

“Before the Charity helped us, we were honestly losing the will to live. Things are different now. Hannah is in a really good place and back at work doing a job she loves. Her relationship with her son has also improved. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us. I’ll never forget it.”

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