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A couple of years ago, Emma was struggling to see a way forward. With divorce, bankruptcy and a young daughter to look after, she didn’t know where to go for help.

Her husband, Sam, had tried to start up a business and, as far as Emma was concerned, things were going well. Sadly, behind closed doors, it wasn’t and a buried pile of unopened letters revealed the huge amount of debt the whole family were now facing.

“I was devastated when I discovered the letters. If someone you’re married to tells you something, then you just believe that to be true, don’t you? He had lied for such a long time and it was heart-breaking.”

To add to her frustration, the credit card teams refused to speak to Emma as she wasn’t the main name on the accounts. With Sam in denial and developing problems with alcoholism, she felt like she had to watch on helplessly as her life fell apart.

“Although it was his debt, it obviously affected all of us. It got to a point where we were going to lose our family home. I felt embarrassed about it at work… like there was stigma attached to every single part of my story. With a daughter to care for as well, I felt completely isolated.”

Luckily, Emma took a leap of faith and reached out to us for help. After speaking to our team about her situation, we found that we were able to provide financial support, enabling her to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“The Charity gave me amazing money advice and helped me go bankrupt. They also supported me and my daughter as we moved into rented accommodation together. It was fabulous. It was safe. I actually felt safe for the first time in about seven years.”

Emma recently got back in touch with us to become a regular donor to the Charity. Donations like this help us help other people who can’t see a way out. In her kind letter to our team, Emma explained how she made a promise to herself the day we helped her get back on her feet.

“The Charity helped me when I was at my lowest. They quite literally turned my life around. I always promised myself that when I was in a position to pay it forward, I would. This is my way of helping others in need. This is my way of saying thank you.”

“Sending all civil servants experiencing difficulty at this time a big hug, mug of tea, smile and kindness.”

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