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Emily, Defra

When Emily turned to us for help, she was struggling to keep a roof over her head whilst caring for a new-born baby.

Emily’s husband Michael had been unemployed for the past three years due to a serious accident at work. With the arrival of a new-born baby, the couple were struggling to pay the bills. Emily went back to work when her baby was just eight months old, but this was not enough to stop the family falling into serious debt.

“We found ourselves in a situation where we had absolutely no cash. In my darkest hour, I thought we were going to be homeless.”

In addition to her financial worries, Emily then lost somebody very close to her. Her best friend Sarah had suffered from a series of medical conditions and sadly passed away. Emily’s husband had a nervous breakdown just two days later. Instead of having the time to deal with what had just happened, Emily had to try to rescue her family from their financial crisis. It was at this point, that a couple of supportive colleagues encouraged Emily to get in touch with the Charity.

After discussing the situation over the phone, we offered detailed financial advice and helped pay towards her outstanding rent arrears. This gave the couple a chance to get back on their feet. We also signposted Emily to charitable resources aimed to help her deal with her relationship difficulties and bereavement issues.

“Because of the Charity, we can keep our home – it’s as fundamental as that. I want to shout to the rooftops about it. I really can’t thank the Charity enough for helping me keep my family together.”

At the moment grief is understandably a huge part of Emily’s life. She has not been given the time to grieve in her own way until now. We were glad to take a weight off a very heavy pair of shoulders and give someone the time they need to be with the people they love. All the while, Emily’s family have kept a roof over their heads and are looking forward to a brighter future.

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