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Let me tell you Dom’s story.

Dom was incredibly close to his dad. Losing his mum to cancer when he was just a child meant that his dad, John, played the role of both parents growing up.

“My dad would do anything and everything for me and my sister, without a second thought. He actually wrote an autobiography and described how he felt he had never done enough as a parent, that he felt he was somehow not good enough or could have done more, but we turned out alright and he did us proud… and I was a devoted son who would do anything and everything for my dad, as he had done for us.”

John was diagnosed with a rare primary brain cancer called Glioblastoma which Dom describes as tearing their world apart. As John’s health rapidly declined, Dom and his sister did their best to be by his side, making sure he felt comfortable and safe.

As Dom tried to adapt to his new life as a carer whilst juggling a full-time job, he found support in The Charity for Civil Servants. We helped Dom complete his Carer’s Passport and Carer’s statement, working with him to navigate his journey as a carer.

“I remember having a phone call with the Charity’s incredible team and I was bowled over by the warmth and gentleness of the conversation – they completely got it. It couldn’t have been simpler and their support allowed me to focus on the things that mattered most, making precious memories with Dad, and committing to the time we had left to be with him.”

John passed away surrounded by the love of his son and daughter he had single-handedly raised. Dom now wants to help create the same supportive environment for other carers within his community.

“I hope that my story about the support I received from The Charity of Civil Servants is useful to others reading this. I have no doubt that they will be able to guide you as they guided me. I am eternally grateful.”

Although we no longer offer the Carer's Passport, we can still help you complete your Civil Service Carer's Passport. By using our Carer's Passport and Carer's Statement Digital Tool, you'll be able to reflect on your caring responsibilities before you have a conversation with your manager and complete your Civil Service Workplace Carer's Passport. The tool also provides holistic information, support and services for outside the workplace including our Carer's Statement.

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