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Diane, HMRC

Diane has always put other people before herself. Whether it’s family or friends, she has made it her life’s goal to make other people happy.

Even though she has worked at HM Revenue and Customs for over a decade, she has always made time for the important people in her life. When one of her best friends was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago, Diane felt like it was her duty to look after her.

“Her husband cared for her at first, but when he died, I felt like it was my role to step in and help a friend. I cared for her as her health completely deteriorated.”

Diane did her best to cope with her new caring role and a full-time job but she eventually reached a stage where she needed support herself. Diane used to make monthly donations to the Charity and has even fundraised for us by white water rafting in Scotland. She was therefore aware of the services and how we might be able to help. After chatting to a member of our team, we were able to provide Diane with a Carer’s Passport to help her manage her hectic lifestyle. This is a document we can provide carers and their line managers which highlights how the individual's caring responsibilities impact their work. Diane cared for her friend until she sadly passed away a few years later.

“I don’t think the Charity could have been any better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve encouraged other colleagues to apply for Carers’ Passports ever since.”

Unfortunately, more upsetting news was to come as Diane’s husband, Thomas, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Diane once again stepped into her carers shoes and tried to balance work with ensuring Thomas’s life was as comfortable as possible in his remaining years.

“I didn’t know from one day to the next if my husband was going to be here with me. The stress of it all made me very ill.”

After reaching out to us for a second time, we supplied Diane with another Carer’s Passport which explained her caring responsibilities for Thomas and how this may impact her work life-balance. Once again, she no longer had to explain her caring responsibilities in great detail within every new professional relationship.

When Thomas passed away, Diane stayed close to her family, particularly her two daughters who were also grieving the loss of their dad. At a time when she wanted to find a bit of happiness, Diane was faced with even more stress when her new boiler stopped working. With no hot water or heating in the middle of winter, she understandably felt panicked and upset about what to do next. Despite having a ten-year warranty, the company who sold her the boiler went into liquidation meaning that Diane needed to find money quickly. Luckily, Diane’s daughter could loan her mum the money to help her repair the boiler and stay warm. Being on maternity leave herself however, money was now tight for the entire family.

“I decided to contact the Charity again. I felt embarrassed at the idea of speaking on the phone, so I was relieved when I realised I could apply for help online.”

After a supportive conversation with our team, we found that we were able to provide financial support to Diane to help her work her way out of debt. Since then, things are looking up. With a new grandson and another one on the way, she is feeling that the future could be brighter than expected.

“The financial support made a big difference to me because I could finally pay back my daughter. It was very important to me. The Charity has helped me so much since I’ve become a widow. Thank you.”

Although we no longer offer the Carer's Passport, we can still help you complete your Civil Service Carer's Passport. By using our Carer's Passport and Carer's Statement Digital Tool, you'll be able to reflect on your caring responsibilities before you have a conversation with your manager and complete your Civil Service Workplace Carer's Passport. The tool also provides holistic information, support and services for outside the workplace including our Carer's Statement.

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