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Dennis and his wife Kiveli were enjoying their well-deserved years of retirement when they were hit by a troubling financial situation.

Both in their 80’s, the couple had settled into a slower pace of life and were taking the time to enjoy their golden years together. The last thing they wanted to deal with was a broken boiler at the beginning of winter.

“The boiler started playing up around Christmas 2017. Four months later, it had conked out completely and we had no hot water at all. We felt completely stuck.”

Unable to cover the costs to fix the problem, the couple tried to live without hot water during the coldest months of the year. Realising this was a danger to their health, Dennis decided to reach out for help. He originally approached the charity Turn2Us to see what could be done. Being a former civil servant however, he was immediately signposted to us. In his working life, he was a Senior Executive Officer in what is now known as the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Throughout his career, Dennis hadn’t been aware that he was and always would be part of our lifelong community.

“I read about the type of help you offered on your website and duly made an application. The financial support you were able to give us has had a huge impact on our quality of life.”

In addition to paying towards the costs of a new boiler, we were also able to contribute towards the purchase of a new water tank that the couple so desperately needed. Dennis and Kiveli are now enjoying a warm house and hot showers without financial worries hanging over their heads.

“I couldn’t recommend the Charity highly enough. It broke my heart to hear about some of the desperate situations people find themselves in when they reach out for help. It can happen to anyone of us and we need to look out for each other.”

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