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Deirdre, HMRC

When Deirdre’s 25 year marriage suddenly came to an end she was in complete shock. She always thought marriage was for life but one day her husband told her it was over.

Her now ex-husband then moved out of the family home taking half of their belongings with him. Mother to three children with a young son and one of two daughters studying for her A levels (now in her first year at university), Deirdre was confused and worried about the future.

As her marriage fell apart her manager mentioned the Charity, explaining that they help lots of people.

"I just initially didn’t know what I wanted, apart from knowing I wanted to stay in my house. I was still in such shock that I wasn’t able to think about how to get the furniture that I needed or the next steps."

Initially asking for advice from the Charity, she realised that she needed to get a solicitor. She was referred to Law Express and then given financial help to buy essential items for the house which were taken by her husband when he left.

Deirdre said the emotional support was just as important to her as the practical help: "I felt like someone was watching my back, someone was there for me. It made such a difference at a really tough time. It was only a few pieces of furniture in reality but at the end of the day it was unexpected and it was the emotional support that really helped. I will be grateful forever for the assistance provided."

Now promoted to a management post, Deirdre says her work is important to her, especially for gaining self satisfaction. She and her ex partner have now sold the family home and she has bought a flat nearby. Her nine year old son lives with her every second week.

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