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Dawn and her son

Between working at HMRC and caring for her elderly mother, Dawn also acts as the primary carer for her son. With such an overwhelmingly hectic schedule, she was unsurprisingly signed off work with stress. Not knowing where to turn, she gave the Charity a call to see if we could help.

Dawn’s son Aidan, has Asperger’s Syndrome, learning difficulties and ADHD. He also has Hyper Mobility Syndrome and ongoing bowel problems. The combination of these conditions means that Dawn has to be on hand to care for him several times a day. In addition to caring for her son, Dawn also cares for her elderly mother, Linda. Linda’s range of physical and mental health problems means she doesn’t feel confident leaving the house on her own and has become completely dependent on her daughter.

“It’s a lot of commitment. I couldn’t physically fit everything into one day. I ended up being signed off work with stress. That’s when I found out about the Carer’s Passport. I wish I had known about the document before my situation became serious.”

Dawn contacted the Charity and explained her situation. After a supportive conversation on the phone, we were able to provide her with a Carer's Passport. Dawn passed on the document to her manager which highlighted the impact of her caring responsibilities on her working day. This saves a carer having to explain their personal situation in intricate detail within every new professional relationship. The document also includes any agreements on issues such as compressed hours and working from home. Dawn is now back at work and feels in control of her situation.

“I’ve had three managers since receiving my Carer’s Passport – it does all the explaining for me. It’s been so useful! Being a carer is a big responsibility and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Don’t be afraid to speak out. We all need a bit of help from time to time and the Charity is there to help you.”

Although we no longer offer the Carer's Passport, we can still help you complete your Civil Service Carer's Passport. By using our Carer's Passport and Carer's Statement Digital Tool, you'll be able to reflect on your caring responsibilities before you have a conversation with your manager and complete your Civil Service Workplace Carer's Passport. The tool also provides holistic information, support and services for outside the workplace including our Carer's Statement.

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