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We know that it can be hard to talk about money. That’s why our money advice and guidance service is confidential and tailored to your individual needs. In Claire’s recent thank you letter, we learn about the impact our services had on this civil servant and their family.

Dear Help Team

I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given me both mentally and financially over the past year. I want to encourage other people to reach out for help like I did… so I’d like my letter to be shared.

Over a period of 10 years, we found ourselves in unmanageable debt as a family. We had buried our heads in the sand for such a long time, we honestly couldn’t see a way out of the situation and it was causing a lot of arguments at home.

I learnt about the Charity through the HMRC Manchester Regional Centre in February 2020. One of your representatives gave a really engaging talk about the work you do and the help you can give civil servants who find themselves in financial difficulty.

This gave me the confidence to pick up the phone and talk to someone from your help team. Getting into debt carries a huge amount of shame and I didn’t want to share what we were going through with friends and extended family, so being able to talk to someone independently like that was amazing. I feel like it honestly saved us.

I was very upset and embarrassed by the details that I needed to share, but the person on the phone put me at ease and assured me and my husband that by taking this first step we were already making things better. Initially, your help team gave us amazing money advice, talking us through a range of options based on our particular circumstances. They were so knowledgeable and genuinely listened to us. With their advice, we gradually felt like everything was becoming more manageable. They also provided us with a small grant that helped with immediate debts. The impact of this was enormous, we felt like we could finally take back control over something that’s been spiralling completely out of control for such a long time.

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