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Charlotte was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her early thirties. Even though the condition has had a huge impact on her life, she remains determined to live life to the full.

At first, Charlotte found her new medical condition manageable. In its early stages, she occasionally walked with a walking stick and carried on living the busy life she always had done. As the years passed however, things started to change.

“I fall a lot now so need a walking stick all the time. I want to be able to do the things I used to, so I try to give them a go. When I fall down, it makes me lose my confidence. It’s really affected me mentally as well and physically.”

After working for the Department for Work and Pensions for sixteen years, Charlotte decided to take early retirement as her condition worsened. Two years ago, she decided to move into supported accommodation with her husband who also has mobility problems. Their new bungalow was tailored with a wet room, one level flooring and assisted ramps all of which greatly decreased the risk of Charlotte falling over. Although they felt settled and safe in their new home, they felt isolated from the outside world.

“As lovely as the bungalow was, we couldn’t access the garden because it was on a slope. We could only walk on level flooring so it was just impossible. We felt trapped in our own home.”

Charlotte and Jason initially sought help from the Multiple Sclerosis Society, as they could not afford to pay for the construction work needed to level out the garden. The MS Society paid towards the building work and then signposted the couple to us. After a supportive conversation on the phone with our team, we found that we were able to cover the remaining of the cost to finish the job.

“After the MS Society paid towards it, they recommended getting in touch with The Charity for Civil Servants to see if they could help. We gave your team a call and got the good news we were hoping for. The levelled patio was built within a week and we can now enjoy the sunshine in our own little outside space. We’re so happy.”

Charlotte, Jason and their two little West Highland White Terriers can now enjoy the garden every day.

“The garden is so lovely; I’m so pleased with it. It has made such a difference to our lives as a family and has had a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. Thank you so much.”

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