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Cameron’s life turned upside down when he gained full-custody of his three young daughters.

Cameron gained full-custody of his 10 year old twin daughters and 14 year old daughter. Even though he did not expect to suddenly be a full-time single parent, he did his best to be the best Dad he could be.

“I went from living by myself to suddenly looking after three young children single-handedly. The girls had faced enough changes by that point so I wanted to do all I could to make them feel at home.”

In addition to having limited space in his house, Cameron lived far away from his daughter’s primary and secondary schools. He didn’t want to make them relocate schools in addition to everything else they had been through. Working as a paramedic on shifts meant that Cameron had to work through the night, drive the girls to school, drive back, sleep for just a few hours, and then pick them up before doing it all again. Knowing he could not physically carry on like this, Cameron soon realised that he had to move house. The problem was, he couldn’t afford to do so.

“I was worried about my finances, worried about where we were living, worried about my girls. I couldn’t continue to battle the M25 six times a day on just a few hours’ sleep, but I couldn’t afford to move. I was stuck.”

Before becoming a paramedic, Cameron worked as a civil servant. Once he found out that we help former civil servants in addition to serving ones, he got in touch to see how we could help. After knowing the situation in detail, we were able to put Cameron’s mind at rest by providing financial support during this difficult time. Cameron was then able to move much closer to the girl’s schools’ and they are now happily settled into their new home.

“The place is beautiful and we have so much more space. Now my girls actually walk to school which shows what a difference living here has made. The person I spoke to on the phone genuinely wanted to help us, it wasn’t just for the job – she was so kind. I can’t thank the Charity enough for what they’ve done for me and my daughters.”

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