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Bernadette and her husband felt they were close to losing everything when they got in touch with us.

Bernedette had struggled with severe anxiety and depression for years. This was made worse by losing both her parents in a short space of time which she feels triggered the downfall of her mental health. After months of trying to juggle her busy lifestyle, she knew it was time to leave her job and focus on her wellbeing.

“It led me to a place where I felt like I had no confidence to do anything at all. I felt like I was just existing, not living.”

As Bernadette took some time to recover, she was faced with a new problem. She discovered that her husband, Mark, had been hiding his recent redundancy in fear of making her anxiety worse. He did his best to look for a new job in secret but felt like his age was holding him back.

“He worked as a waiter for years and has so much experience, but felt like no one wanted him. He ended up sitting at home all day and got himself into a bit of a rut.”

With both Bernadette and Mark out of work, utility bills and mortgage arrears started to build up. Despite their efforts to make ends meet, they ended up almost losing their home. It was at this lowest point that they decided to seek help from the Charity. After a supportive conversation with our team, we found that we were able to pay towards their mortgage arrears, automatically putting a stop to the risk of eviction from their family home.

“It was just nice to be able to speak to someone. The Charity made the whole process so easy. It gave me breathing space to focus on other things rather than constantly worrying about how we were going to live day by day.”

Bernadette was also offered mental health support through our services, but felt like she was already receiving the right treatment through the NHS. Now she is in a happier place, she has found a new job working with children and Mark has finally found a job at a local restaurant. Their confidence continues to grow and the future is looking bright.

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