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A series of life-changing events meant that Beatrice’s financial situation became so severe that she couldn’t afford to buy food. But with her lifelong community behind her she gradually found her way back to a happier place.

Beatrice did her best to stay positive for the sake of her son who had become extremely vulnerable. He had recently had a mental breakdown and had moved back to the family home. As she comforted him, her own long-standing marriage was coming to an end. With expensive solicitor fees and essential work needed on her house, Beatrice felt like she was drowning with her single income.

“It’s not just the heartache of the divorce, but it’s all the costs around it too. Combine that with my son coming back home, it was a lot to deal with. I ended up going on sick leave for six weeks because I was so worried about everything. If it hadn’t been for the Charity, I don’t think I would have got through those few months.”

Although not a requirement, Beatrice had donated to the Charity for most of her career. Remembering the range of support on offer, she decided to give us a call.

“I cried so much to the man on the phone, he was so empathetic throughout the whole thing. Someone understanding my situation like that made a huge difference. They provided me with financial support which meant that I could afford to eat. This is such a good charity and after my own experience, I feel like they’ll always be there for you.”

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