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Here at the Charity, we know the devastating effects insomnia can have on an individual.

This common sleeping disorder can cause a range of life-changing mental and physical health problems which can seem impossible to overcome.

That’s why we provide free support and guidance for civil servants (past or present) who think they might have a sleep problem. We do this by partnering with Sleepstation. Their online sleep improvement programme is clinically proven to combat even the most severe insomnia and the personalised support is what makes it so effective.

One civil servant who feels passionately about the benefits of this programme, is Andy. As someone who couldn’t remember the last time he had a good nights sleep, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain back control of his body clock.

“Before this, I couldn’t honestly remember a time when I slept well. I would struggle to fall asleep, wake up constantly throughout the night and be exhausted by the morning before I had even started my day.”

In one of Andy’s weekly wellbeing meetings at work, his colleague recommended giving the programme a try, as it had majorly improved his own quality of life.

“I signed up through the Charity and worked with their team to create a sleep diary. They then provided tailored advice based on my diary entries and it’s been so helpful. I’m sleeping better now than I have done in years.”

They worked with Andy to understand his particular situation and provided extensive, tailored advice to suit his needs. Disengaging with digital screens before bed, regular exercise and maintaining a cool, comfortable room temperature were just a few key suggestions that changed Andy’s life. One piece of advice that stood out for Andy, was taking more time to read.

“I never felt like I had time to read before now, certainly not during the working week. But switching off the television and reading a book in bed has made a huge difference. Sleepstation gave me so many effective tips which have helped me switch off mentally and physically.

When we recently got back in touch with Andy, he told us about how life-changing the experience has been and how he wants to encourage other serving and retired civil servants to give it a go.

“Sleepstation have helped me find the balance and combination of things that work for me. I feel like I can focus again. This Charity is our way of supporting each other, and this is how they have supported me. If you need help too, what have you got to lose?”

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