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Amy, DWP

When Amy was pregnant with her daughter Lola, the doctors told her that her baby would be born with a rare, congenital heart defect. Uncertain of the future, Amy and her partner did their best to stay positive.

One in a hundred babies are born with the same rare condition as Lola. At just eight months old, Lola needed major heart surgery to widen her arteries. After a successful 10-hour procedure, she had to stay in hospital for almost five weeks to recover. During this traumatic time, both Amy and her partner Matthew were working full time jobs. Two years later, Lola needed another major operation to undergo a pulmonary valve replacement. Even though the surgery was once again successful, Amy’s family were struggling to ignore the financial pressure they were now facing.

“She’s was so tiny and her organs were so small, the whole thing was so stressful. On top of that, the hospital was far from home. To be near Lola we stayed in a hotel nearby. The hotel bills and the travel costs just kept stacking up. I didn’t know how we were going to afford it.”

Amy confided in her manager who suggested getting in touch with the Charity. When she gave us a call, we provided a supportive conversation as she told us about her financial concerns. We were then able to pay towards the essential costs for travel, food and hotel accommodation that were building up as a result of being close to their daughter in hospital.

“When my manager told me about the Charity, I read some of the stories on their website and found them so inspiring…so I got in touch. When I found out that they could help me be near my baby, it was such a relief. It meant everything to me and my partner.”

Since her last operation, Lola is thriving. When we got back in touch with Amy, she proudly told us about Lola’s recent school sports day and how much she enjoyed it. Not letting her heart defect hold her back, Lola is like any other happy toddler with a promising future ahead of her.

“If you need help, give the Charity a call. I’ve told all my friends at work about it. Just give them a call because they are so kind and genuinely want to help you. I have actually decided to become a volunteer for the Charity because I want to give something back. It’s inspired me so much.”

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