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Aiden was left feeling vulnerable and anxious following a homophobic attack earlier this year. As with many traumatic experiences, Aiden felt like this had a slow and enduring impact on his mental health.

“Being LGBTQ+ can present different challenges and I really felt I needed to talk to someone with first-hand experience of what I was going through. This led me to a therapist through Pink Therapy and my first session felt like a weight had been lifted. I was truly being heard and understood.”

The therapy was going well but Aiden started to worry about his finances. He knew this type of support was making a big difference to his wellbeing but he couldn’t afford to continue with the sessions. He felt like he had to choose between plummeting debt or being happy. That’s when his colleague recommended contacting The Charity for Civil Servants.

We had a confidential conversation with Aiden where we explored his options together. Led by a professional recommendation, we found that we could pay towards a fixed number of these tailored therapy sessions, allowing Aiden to continue to grow in confidence.

“I didn't feel deserving of the support at the time but I am so glad I pushed past those feelings. The person I spoke to from the Charity was kind and respectful of my situation. She helped me with the application and I was ecstatic to find out it was a success. It was very emotional to be granted financial support for something so important to me and I will always be grateful for that…

I’ve made great progress with the support of my therapist. I now have the mechanisms in place to help me in future too. It feels very significant that I can concentrate on my mental health recovery without the constant anxiety of funding it.

If you are reading my story and you can relate because you are LGBTQ+ or in any kind of minority group, then I think it's even more important for you to reach out to The Charity for Civil Servants…

I am personally very thankful to the donors of the Charity. You have given me the time and space to manage my wellbeing in a world where discrimination is still very much alive. If you are considering donating but unsure of the impact, then know that I am in my mid 30s and this is the first time I've ever had this level and quality of mental health support. I am able to access this because of The Charity for Civil Servants.”

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