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Feeling exhausted, unhappy at work, less capable at your job? Maybe sleepless nights worrying? These could be the first signs of burnout.

Burnout comes from a combination of job stress, lifestyle, and how we feel. Throw in thought patterns, like perfectionism or pessimism, this added pressure can result in a tipping point for wellbeing.

Four burnout signs

  • Work-related alienation: viewing your job as increasingly stressful and frustrating. Growing cynical about working conditions and those you work with. Emotionally distancing yourself and feeling indifferent or numb about work.
  • Physical symptoms: chronic stress can show as headaches, stomach aches or intestinal issues.
  • Emotional exhaustion: feeling drained, unable to cope, and tired, or lack the energy to get work done.
  • Reduced performance: affecting everyday tasks at work or in the home, e.g. when also caring for someone.

Burnout doesn't always mean depression, but some symptoms are the same: extreme exhaustion, feeling down, and reduced performance. While depression specific symptoms include low self-esteem and hopelessness. Before self-diagnosing depression, speak to your GP.

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