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Planning an event?

Our ‘Making Money Matter’ film has been produced to help people think about and take action to improve their own financial capability and can be ordered using the form below.

Financial Capability is about enabling people to make informed decisions about their money and finances. It looks at what influences our behaviours around money; attitudes and motivations; skills and knowledge; allowing people to take action and to make the most of the money they have available.

If you'd like to host a Financial Capability event, we can provide you with:

  • A link to the full Making Money Matter film (30 minutes long)
  • Supporting materials – fold out cards, money boxes and questionnaires
  • A guide on how to introduce the film and run the session

If you have over 20 attendees and would like someone to introduce the film for you, you also have the option of requesting a volunteer representative. Just fill in the Request a Representative form instead.

Some things to note

  • We will require two weeks notice to provide the ‘Making Money Matter’ film and supporting materials for your event
  • If you want us to provide a representative for your event, we will require at least one months notice
  • To show our Making Money Matter film your venue will need suitable facilities - internet connection and appropriate audio and visual equipment, e.g. a computer or projector, speakers and a large enough screen or white space to project onto