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Help for Managers

“The Carer’s Passport is very useful. It’s helped me understand my employee’s situation and her requirements. It’s invaluable.” 

A quote from a line manager whose employee has a Carer's Passport.

Would you know how to start supporting a member of your staff who has caring responsibilities? 

Every day 6,000 people will become a carer and it can happen to anyone at any time. There are currently approximately seven million carers in the UK and this is set to rise over 10 million by 2030.

That means one in seven people in your department will be caring for someone who is ill, frail or has a disability. 

Over four million carers are of working age and therefore, supporting carers who are in employment has never been more important. Retaining staff, who are carers, with skills and experience saves both costs and time.

The level of loyalty and commitment shown by staff increases as a direct result of how they have been supported at work.

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