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Carer's Passport and Carer's Statement Digital Tool

Carer’s Passport and Carer’s Statement Digital Tool

The Carer’s Passport and Carer’s Statement Digital Tool is designed to enable carers to reflect on and document their responsibilities as care providers. When you complete this tool you will receive a full record of your answers in order to complete the Civil Service Carer’s Passport form and a personalised Action Plan. This plan contains tailored advice and signposting to additional resources that may be helpful to you or the person you provide care for.

If you request a Carer’s Statement you will receive your Carer’s Statement and your personalised Action Plan delivered to your email address.

To apply, just complete our online questionnaire within the Digital Tool and we’ll email your document(s) to you together with your Action Plan. You’ll also receive the Civil Service Carer's Passport form for you to discuss and agree with your line manager.

If you have not received the email within 24 hours of submitting the form, contact us at as soon as possible and we shall respond within standard working hours.

At the start of your application we’ll need a few details to confirm your eligibility in question 1. It may help if you take a little time think about how your caring role impacts your work/life balance and the kind of support you feel would be beneficial to you.

NB: The Civil Service Carer’s Passport is not applicable for staff in NICS. For further information on support for carers please contact the NICS Welfare Department.

The Carer's Passport

What does a Carer’s Passport do?
A Carer’s Passport provides carers and their line managers with information about how employees’ caring responsibilities impact their work. Carers can use this tool to start a conversation with an employer about possible reasonable adjustments. It also avoids the need to repeat or explain sensitive information when they move teams or get a new manager.

By completing our Carer’s Passport Digital Tool, you will have time to reflect and consider how your caring responsibilities impact your working life before discussing with your line manager and completing the Civil Service Carer's Passport form.

If you’d like to know more about the Carer’s Passport in the workplace, check out this short video produced by the Department of Health and Social Care, Carers UK and the Carers Trust.

Who is this for?
For any carer employed within the Civil Service who would like time to reflect on their caring responsibilities prior to completing the Civil Service Carer's Passport form with their line manager. You will receive this form attached to your personal document. We’ll also offer you advice about additional support and services.

The Carer’s Passport Digital Tool is also available to anyone within the Civil Service with caring responsibilities who would like to know more about the support available to them.

*Please note: A Carer’s Passport does not apply to childcare responsibilities unless your child has a long-term health condition or disability.

The Carer's Statement

What does the Carer’s Statement do?
A carer can use the Carer's Statement to communicate their needs to health and social care professionals. This ensures that the health and social care professionals are fully aware of the impact of the role on the carer’s life. In addition to enabling access to relevant support, the Carer’s Statement can be used to inform Carer’s Assessments and Care Needs Assessments. It also avoids the need for the carer to repeatedly explain sensitive details.

Who is the Statement for?
The Carer's Statement is available to former and retired civil servants, as well as serving personnel. It is also available to the unpaid carers of civil servants. Your Carer's Statement will be emailed to you (along with your Action Plan) when you have completed the Carer’s Digital Tool questionnaire.

What do I need to complete the tool and what will I be asked?

You don’t need anything to complete the questionnaire but we’ll ask you a few questions to confirm your eligibility. You may find it helpful to take a few minutes thinking about the impact your caring responsibilities have on your life. Consider the support you already have in place and the kind of support that would be helpful to you.

We’ll ask you about your caring responsibilities and your wider situation. This enables us to complete your document(s) as accurately as possible and provide advice and recommendations tailored to your personal circumstances.

Please note: we don’t store your completed document(s) or Action Plan – you will receive them via email to keep safe. For your information:

  • The questionnaire usually takes about ten minutes to complete, but this will depend on the level of detail you provide.
  • You must complete your application in one session – you cannot save your answers and come back later.
  • You’ll be able to preview your document(s) and edit your answers during your session. Please be aware that, once you have completed the questionnaire, your document(s) will be finalised.
  • If your caring role changes in any way, you will need to complete a new application – it’s simple and easy to do.
  • Please make sure to enter your email address correctly, as we will send your completed document(s) electronically.

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