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Support At Work

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Whether work related stress and anxiety or not, being at work can provide people with a sense of normality and routine that enables them to function. For others, work may seem impossible. 

Being open and honest with your employer means that they can work with you to give you the support that you need to be effective at work, whilst minimising additional work related stresses. 

Available support

Mind’s guide to staying well at work gives valuable advice to everyone – whether you're returning to work, finding it difficult to cope or trying to maintain a healthy working life.

Reasonable adjustments at work

If you're finding work stressful or struggling because of a mental health problem then your employer should be able to offer you support.

The Equality Act requires employers to be flexible and make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for people with disabilities to enable them to do their jobs.

These reasonable adjustments do not have to be complicated and should help you to do your job more effectively, which benefits your employer as well. We can advise you on some of the adjustments available.

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