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Stress bucket

It can be good to think about the things that are stressing you and how you manage these.

This can assist you to work out the things you can change and the things that are beyond your control as well as giving insight into what can make a difference.

The Stress Bucket is one way of thinking about this. Imagine that you have a bucket that all your stress goes into. If you are feeling resilient your bucket may have room for plenty of stress before you start to struggle but if you are feeling quite vulnerable, your stress bucket may be very small and fill up very quickly.

Stress Bucket

You can download and print off this Stress Bucket diagram here if it is helpful and use it to fill in the things that are stressing you and the coping strategies you use.

If you find you use more unhelpful strategies than helpful strategies, maybe now is the time to think about this and see if you can make any changes.

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