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Mental health films, webinars and podcasts


Kath Cheer, Area Services Manager, talks about stress and gives some top tips on managing and looking after your wellbeing.


We have a range of webinars related to mental health and wellbeing issues which are available for you to listen to.

Led by our own team of services experts and specialist partners, each webinar is designed to be an informative session with tools, ideas and routes to gain further help and advice should you need it.

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An introduction to digital wellbeing

Over the past few years, and particularly since the start of the pandemic, we've been spending more time online. But this can actually leave us feeling more disconnected, burnt-out and anxious. Digital wellbeing is about taking back control of our relationship with technology, enabling individuals and communities to feel good about when they connect, and using technology to realise their potential.

Understanding and supporting panic attacks

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to discuss what panic attacks are, how your mind and body responds when you have a panic attack, and how you can manage them.

Understanding your digital habits

Technology is integrated into all aspects of our life. Once you start to think of digital wellbeing as the conscious use of technology, it quickly becomes a blueprint for how to live our lives more intentionally. Understanding our digital habits is an important first step to bring clarity to this process.

Managing your attention

The technology we use is stacked against us. For many technology companies our attention means dollars and products are optimised to keep us hooked. Content is a powerful tool for engaging audiences and keep us coming back. In this session discover how the content we see can harm our digital wellbeing and learn some strategies to protect us.

Nutrition and anxiety

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to discuss the relationship between healthy foods and healthy moods, nutrients we need, what to avoid and other healthy eating habits to consider.

Men and mental health

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to discuss the relationship between men and mental health, the risk factors, dealing with social pressures and seeking help.

Building resilience

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to explore what it takes to be or become resilient, understand some of the factors involved, consider strategies for resilience and to create plan to build and maintain resilience.

Stress and Anxiety

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to discuss what stress is, how it affects us, who it affects and how our minds and bodies react when we're anxious.

Understanding Anxiety

Head of Wellbeing Services, Linda Eades, is joined by Dave Smithson from Anxiety UK to discuss what anxiety is, and how it affects us in a post-lockdown world. We'll discuss self-care tools and tips about returning to the office, managing expectation and what professional help is available.

Art of Brilliance: The Ripple Effect

Having one's emotions and related behaviours directly trigger similar emotions and behaviours in others is an innately human phenomenon. Emotions can be shared across individuals in many different ways, both implicitly or explicitly. This session discovers ways we can learn from each other, uplift and inspire, and take away a completely new outlook on life and our future.

Art of Brilliance: The Joy of Regrets

This webinar takes Art of Brilliance's core messages of happiness, flourishing, resilience and personal responsibility and looks at embedding positivity in our personal and professional lives. Most of us recognise the value of fostering positive intrinsic learning behaviours and many ‘get’ that growth mindsets are crucial, but there’s more to it than knowing what ‘perseverance’ means.

Don't Tone Alone: Active Ageing

Learn how to stay active and connected to the things you love in life following our webinar in Active Ageing. The simplest way is always best so we'll get you to reflect on what you hold most important and provide strategies of staying healthy on your terms as you get older.

Don't Tone Alone: Motivation

Motivation can be difficult when energy levels are low and yet that's often when we need it the most. This webinar will give you the tools to find the motivation you need to stay committed to your tasks and ambitions, and help you to keep pursuing a path that leads to a better you.

Life After Lockdown: Anxiety and Wellbeing

In partnership with the Civil Service Sports Council, in this webinar we’ll discuss the impact the past year has had on our mental wellbeing. Kath Cheer, Area Services Manager at the Charity, delves into how best we can manage our stress, readjust to the wider world and help let nature take its course.

Art of Brilliance: Bouncebackability

The past twelve months have been tough on us all. We've lost time, connection, and a real sense that the world may have changed forever. While there is light at the end of the tunnel, we can't help but to have learnt a lot about ourselves, and just how resilient we really are.

Don't Tone Alone: Nutrition and Weight Management

Learn a way to eat well that suits you without dieting or feeling like you have to count the calories. There are no fad methods, instead Chris from Don’t Tone Alone will show you the simplest way to healthy eating.

Art of Brilliance: How to be a Well Being

In a world where people were already struggling with 'mental health', along came Covid. New words (furlough), phrases ("you've got to unmute yourself"), and behaviours (social distancing) have become indicative of a culture where it's harder to be a well being. Sanjeev Sandhu from Art of Brilliance empowers you to take proactive charge of your own mental wellbeing. Enjoy interactive activities that'll be engaging, counter intuitive and applicable to our professional and personal lives.

Burnout and Maintaining Wellbeing

Join Executive and Leadership Coach, Rachel Cashman, as she talks about maintaining wellbeing and avoiding stressors and burnout as we continue to work remotely. This session will encourage us to come away with actions and pledges as to what we can achieve in order to achieve balance (produced in partnership with the Equality and Human Rights Commission).

Mindfulness with Breathworks

Andrew McNeill, Workplace Associate at Breathworks, our mindfulness partners, introduces mindfulness and how it can help us navigate these extraordinary and challenging times. Whether completely new to mindfulness, have an established practice or are somewhere in between, join this calming, insightful session.

Grief and Loss in 2020

Our Head of Wellbeing Services, Jill White, is joined by Andy Langford, Clinical Director of Cruse Bereavement Care, to discuss dealing with loss over the last year.

Recognising Burnout, Creating Balance

Rachel Cashman is an Executive and Leadership Coach with over 20 years’ experience of leading people and organisations in the public, private and third sectors and with a UK and international network of associates and partners. She has a proven track record of working with professionals in high risk, complex and challenging environments. In this webinar she'll be talking about burnout – both personally and professionally – and how managers can build capacity and capability to transform services safely.

World Mental Health Day

Join us for World Mental Health Day 2020 as we discuss how people can support themselves, support others and perhaps support the Charity.

Maintaining Wellbeing Remotely

Our Head of Wellbeing Services, Jill White, gives advice and guidance on how to manage your own wellbeing while working remotely. In partnership with the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Building Confidence and Resilience with Brain in Hand

Hear from our partner, Brain in Hand, about how their digital support system can help anyone whose day can be knocked off track by anxiety, unexpected events, or the need to make decisions under pressure. Join to find out how you get it for yourself or for someone you know.

Dealing with Stress – practical advice and guidance

Listen to this webinar where we share stress management tips. Think about what would work for you in your own life and how to apply the tips shared.


Dr Sarah Madigan joins Jill White to talk about gratitude and how it can positively impact different aspects of our lives.

Our Wellbeing Services

In this webinar our Head of Wellbeing Services, Jill White, guides you through the wellbeing support available to you at the Charity. From instant access digital tools and online support to our more specialist service, we'll cover what each one does and how you can access it.

The Power of Kindness

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week, join our Head of Wellbeing Services, Jill White, as we talk about the strength and value of kindness.


Join our Head of Wellbeing Services, Jill White, for this webinar on personal and collective resilience.

The Charity for Civil Servants Wellbeing Guide App

In conjunction with the launch of the Charity’s Wellbeing Guide smartphone app, listen to hear about how the app can work for you.

Relationship Counselling – everything you wanted to know but were scared to ask!

Relate explain more about what relationship counselling is, how it can help you and what actually happens in the counseling room.

Supporting Bereaved Staff – top tips for managers

This webinar introduced some top tips for those supporting colleagues and staff who have been bereaved. It also discusses the guidance produced by Cruse in association with ACAS.

Suicide Prevention

This year, World Mental Health Awareness Day looked at suicide prevention. We teamed up with UK wide charity; Papyrus to bring you this special webinar that looks at how to spot the signs and start the conversation with those around you. Please note: this webinar discusses themes that some listeners may find upsetting.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression for Managers

Managers are invited to listen to this webinar to learn more about stress, anxiety and depression. We’ll talk about how to recognise the signs in staff teams, how best to respond and how to direct people to what support there is available.

Laughter for Health

This webinar introduces the concept and some basic principles of therapeutic laughter, along with positive mindset and psychology tools, potentially as a foundation to Laughter For Health workshops being subsequently facilitated in a workplace environment.

World Autism Day Special

To mark World Autism Day, listen to this special webinar to understand more about autism and what it means for work and relationships – and discuss practical support that can be helpful. Joining us will be Emily Bawtree, Head of Training, Development and Consultancy for Ambitious about Autism.

Grief and Bereavement Awareness

Listen to this special webinar with Cruse Bereavement to hear and understand more about grief and the practical steps you can take when dealing with a bereavement.

Maintaining your Resilience

Listen to this special webinar with Anxiety UK to explore hints and tips on how best to maintain and improve your wellbeing and resilience.

Looking after your Wellbeing

Listen to this webinar to gain a greater insight into stress management and mental health. Participants will be introduced to a range of tools for managing stress, and find out more about how the Charity can support people to improve and maintain their wellbeing.

World Mental Health Awareness Day Special

As well as a brief introduction to common mental health issues, this session will provide an open forum for you to ask questions and to tell us your thoughts on the issues affecting the wellbeing of you and your family.



Inspired by the support we gave him to manage his own wellbeing, John now helps others facing mental health issues. Listen now.


After seeking help herself, Cecilia now wants to help others who are struggling to find their voice. Listen now.


Since receiving support from the Charity, Adam wants to encourage other young men to open up about their mental health. Listen now.

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