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You Care For Others, We Care For You

We're caring with you

11 May 2020

As a carer, you may be feeling particularly vulnerable right now or worried about the people you care for. It’s important to know what type of support is available for you and we’re here to help.

Since our formation, we have continually highlighted and celebrated the immense amount of compassion and support shown by our community. Many of you have given your time to the Civil Service alongside caring for someone you love – and we stand with you.

Although the world seems like a scary place at the moment, please remember that we are all in this together and we will all come out the other side – proud of how we helped each other during a time of crisis.

We are here as your rock – to support you during difficult times. If you want to see how, check out our Carer's Digital Resource to get started or use the handy tips below:

  • Staying connected: we know it's not the same as face-to-face, but a regular digital connection with family and friends (and your Carers' Network if you're part of one!) can make all the difference
  • Looking after yourself: it's the only way we can look after someone else. It's okay to take time out, whatever and however that may be
  • Using reliable resources: Carers UK, the NHS and our own Carer's Digital Resource can help you stay up-to-date
  • Trying to find the good in every day: even on the toughest days, remember to be proud of being a carer. Working hard to meet someone else's needs before our own is something we should admire in ourselves and others.

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