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YOU answered their call

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17 March 2021

Thank YOU for your continued kindness, generosity and support for all civil servants – current, former and retired – through these uncertain times.

Without people like YOU, we could not do what we do best…



When Carol was worried she would lose her husband to Covid-19, YOU answered her call…

“I felt so much better after reaching out for help. I knew that if there was anything I wanted to say, I could say it. It was a weight off my chest.”

Carol, DWP (retired)



When Antonia was suffering from anxiety, YOU gave her the expert support she needed…

“I spoke to Anxiety UK on the phone and it really was the best 90 minutes of my life. They offered support and it was just life-changing.”

Antonia, Cabinet Office



When Archie couldn’t cope, YOU helped him realise he wasn’t alone…

“Asking for help in my kind of world is hard. But if I can do it, then anybody can do it. We’ve got to make the most of this excellent charity at our fingertips.”

Archie, SPS

Together, we are supporting our colleagues who are finding it hard to cope. Whether it be with bereavement, mental health or money worries, we offer lifelong support, without judgement, to those who come to us for help.

However you choose to contribute, it really makes a difference. From regular and one-off gifts, to giving your time as a volunteer – YOU are helping us provide much-needed financial, wellbeing and caring assistance to current, former and retired civil servants and their families when times get tough.

Always remember, the Charity is here for YOU too – so should you or your colleagues wish to access any of our services or find out more about our work, then please call us on 0800 056 2424.


*Name changed to provide anonymity. Photo posed by a model.

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