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World Mental Health Day 2020: Mental Health For All

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10 October 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been no shortage of coverage around wellbeing and staying mentally healthy in the midst of such uncertainty. Awareness around mental health has increased significantly as a result.

However, alongside the public health crisis, there is undoubtedly a mental health crisis looming. Several risk factors make people more likely to experience mental health difficulties, including unemployment, low income, traumatic experiences, and violence or abuse. Additionally, social isolation and the impact of the current situation on our relationships all influence our mental health and wellbeing.

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October. This year's theme is 'Mental Health for All. Greater Investment – Greater Access. Everyone, everywhere.' At the Charity, we're creating a supportive community for current, former and retired civil servants, to help manage and maintain good mental health and wellbeing. In partnership with some of the UK's leading charities and organisations, we provide support on relationships, sleep disorders, autism and anxiety disorders, as well as access to our in-house wellbeing team and support.

Our Chief Executive, Graham Hooper, said “We want to remove all the barriers we can, to make the Charity’s mental health and wellbeing services easily accessible for everyone in the Civil Service community, wherever they are and whatever challenges they are facing.

“We want to show how people can support themselves, support others and even support the Charity, so that we can continue to provide such important help, when it can be most effective.

Now more than ever, showing compassion to yourself and to those around you is so important. This World Mental Health Day, we encourage you to access our services, invest time in your own wellbeing, and tell a colleague who may be struggling about us.

Visit our wellbeing services to start your journey with us.

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