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Why I became a Champion

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12 February 2021

I’m not a writer and am usually content to hide my light under a bushel, however when the team asked me to write a piece about why I became a Champion, I welcomed the chance to share my story with a wider audience.

I started with the Civil Service in 2016 and quickly found myself having to use the services of The Charity for Civil Servants to help with some financial hardship. I found out about them by accident and, after getting help, felt that I wanted to give back in whatever way I could. I signed up as a volunteer at the time and went on to man stands on behalf of the Charity at events run by multiple government departments.

Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic – my volunteering role very much changed and we all had to adapt to promoting The Charity for Civil Servants virtually rather than speaking to individuals and groups face-to-face. After some hesitation, I dipped my toe in the water by delivering a small virtual presentation to around 20 HMRC staff, working my way up to speaking to 200+ at a Land Registry conference just before Christmas. I’ve enjoyed the change and it’s been great to speak to larger audiences from all over the country. It just shows how much of a small world we live in when one of the other candidates from my recent Fast Stream Assessment recognised my name and face (in a good way thankfully).

As a Champion, giving presentations is no longer such a big part of my role, but, I have represented the Charity in a few different ways now. I have to say that becoming a Champion has been great for learning more about the support the Charity offers. I've also been building a network of friends and colleagues through the coffee mornings. It’s great to see the team more often and get different views and perspectives on how best to deliver our message in both the current climate and thinking ahead to the future when we can meet up with people face-to-face again.

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