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18 November 2020

Laura WildeySo here we find ourselves again, in the midst of lockdown 2.0.

I’m sure, like me, you frequently ponder ‘is this really happening?’ and ‘how do we best get through it?’. There are so many questions and ‘what if’ scenarios constantly plaguing my thoughts. It’s hard to know sometimes, which ones to listen to and not become overwhelmed trying to find the answers or dealing with the feelings that come with them. 

For me, and probably like-minded people like you, I wanted to make things better for for my family, friends, and anyone who might need it – however I could. I’ve had to shield both times, which is a real blow as I’m a bit of a social animal. I love being around people and yes, I am one of those annoying people who hugs everyone! So, this meant helping people whilst shielding inside my flat wasn’t going to be easy.

Luckily though, I work for The Charity for Civil Servants. Even luckier, I work with our amazing volunteers, many who are current civil servants, trying their best to keep the country going through this pandemic. Who better to make sure they all know they are supported and can get help too?

The volunteering team set to work thinking of different ways to do things; adapting our events to be online and arranging virtual coffee mornings to boost morale. We’ve listened to how you're feeling, how things have changed and what we can do to accommodate what we’re dealing with. Great ideas and stories have been shared and we’ve taken these away, with cogs turning and brains whirring.

I, like many of you, have gone through the good, the bad and quite a lot of ugly during this time. There’s been many days festering on the sofa, still in my pj’s with un-brushed hair but I always clapped with the nation for the NHS and I’ve always tried to do my bit where I could.

Things are still busy ticking over at The Charity for Civil Servants. All the ideas and thoughts we had are culminating together and evolving into the next adventure for volunteering.

Covid means things need to change for the future. Volunteering, as we knew it, has departed but the need to spread the Charity’s message is more important than ever. And that’s exactly what we are going to do – adapt, thrive and continue to help our friends and colleagues. We will champion who The Charity for Civil Servants are and that we’re here to help. Most importantly explain how people can access support, should they need to.

And that’s exactly what you can be – a Champion! Over 500 people have already signed up as a Champion with us and I’d like you to consider becoming one too. The role has been designed to fit around you while you work, and there is no formal training so you can get started straight away. You can do it from your spare room like me, or in the office if you’re still going in. You can do your bit, wherever you are.

I think you’d agree, anything we can do to make life a little better does us all good at the moment, and I know we’d love to have you here along with us, helping to do just that.

Find out more and sign up to become a Champion now.

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