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Walking Motivation

Walking Motivation STEPtember300

8 September 2020

Full steam ahead! One of the biggest barriers to having a walking routine is motivation, but we're here to help.

Set goals

Keep your goals realistic and achievable, because if you can do it, it will make you feel proud of the work you've done. Walk for half an hour every day. Remember to make it measurable to easily track and see progress.

Maybe you walk without getting out of breath one day and shave five minutes off the next? Share your progress with us all.

Take photos

Go out with your camera or phone and take a series of pictures. Walk while you search for the perfect photo and chances are, you'll go further than planned.

Listen to music

Find a walking playlist with BPMs to match your pace so you can power walk those steps. We've made an Official STEPtember300 playlist too - check it out here! You can even add your favourite songs.

Socially safe

Join a walking group. It has many advantages, meeting new people to help with encouragement and support. Meet fellow walkers by joining our Facebook group.


A good walk makes you feel happy. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that will naturally boost your sense of wellbeing. Why not give it a boost by practicing gratitude. Just take that first step and you’ll be hooked!

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